Sales & Service Consultant
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Sales & service consultant for Exports & Imports of food industrial machineries and products in the range of Czech Republic and India
Overseas Trade Links
The Sales & Service Consultant will undertake the Marketing, Sales, Service, and Distribution in India for the following Companies:

Food Industrial Machines


J4 s.r.o. - Czech Republic

J4 s.r.o. was established in 1994 and deals with the development and production of cyclothermic tunnel band baking ovens and with delivering complete baking and bakery lines and bakeries. The ovens are not only designed for baking rye, rye-wheat or wheat bread, but also various types of bread and pastries, fancy breads, pies, stuffed cakes, cookies, gingerbread, sponge cake biscuits, salted sticks and numerous other baked products


Retigo - Czech Republic

RETIGO offers steam combi ovens of 5 sizes from 623 up to 2011. Each size is offered in 3 models with either direct or boiler steam generation (except 623). Models 611 and 1011 are also available in gas. In addition, RETIGO has extended product range to regenerators, holding cabinets and bakery ovens. Before any machine leaves the company it is tested for many hours to check its proper functioning.


In June 1989, Metalúrgica Visa Ltda. began its activities, with the basic idea of producing machines for the food processing sector. With qualified technicians for each sector and engaged employees to take this proposal further, Metvisa grew up.

Nowadays, Metvisa manufactures more than 60 different types of machines for use in restaurants, industrial kitchens, butcher shops, snack bars, bakeries and others, and puts itself in a superior position at this market.

Besides the Brazilian market, Metvisa exports for several other countries, searching for the definitive consolidation in the context of a global market.

Our path has always been to create and improve our products and relationships with our clients in a serious and trustworthy way.


Z.Matik is a thirty years experienced Italian manufacturer of manual pastry and bakery machines, in particular puff pastry sheeters, croissant machines, working tables and cutting rollers (AISI type 304).

Thanks to the choice of appropriate materials, Z.matik guarantees toughness and simplicity in every machine. So we invite you to visit our web site and contact us for any information.

  • Manual puff pastry sheeters
  • Croissant pastry machines
  • Working tables
  • Cutting rollers AISI type 304
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